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Complete range of solutions for applying wrought magnesium within the aerospace industry

With Airborne, UAV or future infantry equipment - Be a step ahead of others! Switch to Magnesium parts and drop 35% of the metallic parts weight, while gaining state of the art technology.

PALBAM possesses the world's most professional knowledge center for magnesium production of integrated aerospace parts.

PALBAM has built a "one stop shop" for magnesium integrated parts for the defense and aerospace industry.

PALBAM designs and manufactures a variety of aeronautic magnesium parts and components based on the client's specifications.

From materials to forming procedures - from machining, surface protection and assembly - we do it all - you just enjoy the weight reduction!

Don't hesitate- PALBAM will guaranty that a high quality magnesium product is in your hands for final product assembly.

You have nothing to loose but some weight !
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