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    High Pressure Vessels

Embedding High Pressure Vessels in missiles is a job for professionals only. Our ability to choose the right materials, manufacturing and testing methods, and to comply with all the required standards, ensures that PALBAM is your correct choice in this demanding field.

Missiles and Rocket Program Manager- you can rely on the suppliers to the elite Israeli defense market.

  • PALBAM's High Pressure Vessels (HPVs) are suited to all kinds of Guided Weapon Systems.
  • PALBAM is the major supplier of HPVs for top level, Israeli made missiles.
  • PALBAM provides a high quality, checked and certified, ready to install vessel.
  • PALBAM is capable of designing the HPV system including filling tools and accessories.
  • PALBAM specializes in customized, "Built to Print" HPVs
  • HPVs are designed to 12,000 PSI and more.